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Our History


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In 1993, brothers Alan and Kerry Knight started their own small refinishing business in their barn in Alabama. Because of the popularity of vintage tubs they determined it would be wise to start purchasing antique and vintage clawfoot bathtubs for repair and refinishing. The decision proved to be successful and the next big business move brought them to Jacksonville, Florida. Where better to establish a warehouse and open a showroom than in the largest geographical city in the United States? The city was booming and Tub King wanted to be a part of it.

Due to their quality work and outstanding customer service Tub King because known in the refinishing industry across the country. Eventually they were sponsored and hired by chemical manufacturers to teach refinishing training classes. Finding themselves becoming the experts in the field of refinishing training, Tub King developed their own in-house surface refinishing training program and to this day hold monthly classes which bring in contractors and entrepreneurs from all over the country. Currently, Tub King is the ONLY approved surface refinishing trainer in the ENTIRE country for Midwest Chemicals.

Around 2005, vintage and antique tubs were becoming difficult to find and plumbing codes were changing which eliminated the old tubs from being considered for remodels and new home construction. Tub King enlisted a foundry, the very same one used by several big names in the bath industry. The foundry started manufacturing a Tub King line of reproduction clawfoot bathtubs. Working closely with the manufacturer, the brothers focused on producing a line of tubs which would be of high quality with the look and feel of high-end luxury, yet at an affordable price.

In 2006 the brothers experienced the customer side of the bath industry when they found themselves in the market for a walk-in bathtub for their mother. They were flabbergasted at the outrageous costs associated with the product and quickly determined it would be a wise move to develop a line of senior walk-in tubs, again demanding high quality from the manufacturer yet selling at very affordable prices. To this day the Tub King walk-in bathtubs are among the most reliable and affordable on the market.

In 2015, Kerry Knight retired and returned to Alabama to enjoy the solitary of the woods and mountains with his wife. This left the company with Alan Knight as the full owner. Alan has big plans for Tub King’s future. As you can see, Tub King has grown in to  a very successful country wide business selling bathtubs across the world and training refinishing to thousands. Tub King is constantly growing and evolving to carry the latest and greatest in the bathing industry. Pride is paramount when it comes to our products and service. We make sure to “treat people, the way we would want to be treated” and it has been working to help make this a very successful business with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and 5 Star customer reviews on social media platforms.



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